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KSKT Sugar Brown


Our Natural Brown Sugar is ideal for your kitchen if you’re looking to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle !!!


Brown sugar has a deep, caramel or toffee-like flavor due to the added molasses. For this reason, it works well in chocolate cakes and cookies, as well as rich fruit cakes.


Brown sugar is much lower in calories as compared to white sugar. In addition, it contains multiple micronutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, and vitamin B-6, which are essential for a healthy functioning body


·       Using brown sugar as a skin exfoliant is one of the unexpected uses of this sugar; the rough texture makes it ideal for eliminating dirt, grime, and dead skin cells from your body

·       Brown sugar has a lower glycemic index than white sugar, which means it doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much so you don’t get that sugar crash.

·       Mixing this sugar in warm water and drinking it down can suppress the inflammatory symptoms of asthma

·       Brown sugar has fewer calories than white sugar. The molasses in brown sugar is known to boost metabolism. 






Kisan Se Kitchen Tak (KSKT) is a technology and supply chain initiative with a vision to create an ecosystem that provides customer with Naturally grown & Chemical free food products at a fair price while simultaneously ensuring that farmers are rewarded for all their hardwork with better prices. 

MRP Rs. 149
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