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Making Clean, Healthy Food Accessible For All

We love clean, safe, healthy food and understand how integral it is to our quality of life. We are on a mission to create a sustainable foods system that empowers food producers and consumers with choices that are good for the body and the planet!

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Our Journey

India witnesses >35% wastage of fresh produce due to a supply chain wherein food took 40-60 hours from the farmer to the consumer, leading to significant nutritional loss. This disturbed us deeply and we ventured into hydroponics, creating a transparent farm-to-fork model. Our aim was to simply provide a safe and reliable supply of healthy salad greens, tasty tomatoes and fresh berries. That’s how Kaze Living was born! Leveraging technology as a force-multiplier to save ~90% water and boost yield of chemical-free produce by 4x, we made innovation and sustainability the fulcrum for building Kaze Living. We became the first in India to sell produce with living-roots, encouraging customers to replant them after consumption, thereby driving a circular economy.

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During the first Covid-19 lockdown, we were one of the few F&B companies to stay operations and keep serving our customers nutritious, healthy foods. At the same time, we met so many farmers who were facing a wasted bumper crop due to shuttered markets. As customers desperately looked for healthy pantry essentials during the lockdown, they found their options limited to preservative-laden, packaged-food brands. Having founded Kaze Living with the mission to make sustainable healthy foods more accessible, we turned this crisis into a golden opportunity. Pivoting Kaze Living to an online marketplace for sustainable foods, we address the environmental sustainability of the local food system and the economic sustainability of India’s vulnerable farmers. With our transparent farm-to-fork model, the 1500+ farmers and 50 artisanal makers we support build unique first-to-market brands, achieve financial stability (30% increased incomes), earn brand recognition, and promote indigenous offerings.

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Our Curated Experiences

At Kaze Living, we want to bring about a scalable and durable change in the way people understand and consume food. Our hands-on farm tours, experiential workshops, and cooking sessions with chefs allow us to get close to our customers and show them the real story behind the products they consume. We are going one step further to create a dialogue on conscious farm-to-fork consumption.Our first brainchild was the Hydroponic Farm Tour An in-depth walking tour hosted by our founders and chief agronomist. Visitors learn about why hydroponic technology is sustainable – it saves 80-90% water and yields 4x crop in the same footprint of land, without the use of chemicals. We explore the variety of crops grown, new tech advancements, seeds and nutrients usedInspired by the sustainability of hydroponics and the nutrient-dense crops grown, many have been inspired to set-up their own small-scale farms! We top up the experience with workshops such as healthy cocktails mixology, the art of salads and DIY cheese platter.

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  • During the festive season of Rakhi, Kaze Living partnered with DLF Avenue Saket.
  • Together, they set up the Artisanal Thread of Love gourmet market at Delhi’s leading shopping destination.
  • The market was exclusively dedicated to celebrating Rakshabandhan with guilt-free treats made by local gourmet Indian brands.
  • It was a unique pop-up market that created brand awareness.
  • The market enabled customers to shop a wide curation of healthy offerings directly from the artisanal makers.
  • The collaboration aimed to bring artisanal brands into the mainstream gifting fold.
  • This initiative created a new gifting concept where customers engaged directly with the makers.
  • Notable participants included chef Ritu Dalmia of the Diva Casa brand and the widely loved The Artful Baker.
  • Customers indulged in festive purchases, contributing to the success of the market.

  • We have held multiple other events, online and offline, including bean-to-bar chocolate making workshops and hand-rolling pasta in collaboration with top chefs. The objective is always to bridge the gap between food producers and our community of conscious consumers. If you are interested in knowing more about where your food comes from, how it is grown and what goes into it, ping us to curate an experiential program for you. It is our favorite part of the job! We are building India’s first sustainable food ecosystem for local farmers, artisanal brands and conscious consumers. Come join the revolution!