Donna Pastaia

Spaghetti | Beetroot


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Supercharged spaghetti with farm fresh beetroots to add that extra dose of nutrition and colour pop to your pasta meals. 


All our pastas are made from carefully selected, locally sourced, organic ingredients. These are then hand kneaded, and rolled or bronze extruded into these lovely pasta shapes that we all absolutely love. 


The grains are never heat treated, as the pasta is slow dried at ambient temperature so it retains all the goodness of the handpicked grains as well as gives you the perfect bite for the al-dente texture. 


Ingredients : Organic Whole Wheat flour, Organic Semolina, Olive Oil


SHELF LIFE : 9 Months From Manufacturing

Once opened, store in an airtight, dry container away from light and humidity.

MRP Rs. 399
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