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KSKT Premium A2 Ghee


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A2 Desi Cow Ghee is made from the rich and nutritious milk of desi cows.  Bilona Ghee is made from whole curds rather than malai or cream. The unique nutrient profile of A2 milk with the traditional Bilona method is responsible for the unmistakably delicious desi cow ghee.


KSKT-Kisan Se Kitchen Tak, the brand that you trust and love, always ensures that only the best quality products reach your kitchen, and KSKT Pure Cow Ghee stays true to that.


Our Pure Cow Ghee is made with a special SloCook process, similar to the process of making ghee at home. In this process, the ghee is prepared by cooking slowly for about three and a half hours over gradually increased temperatures, which enhances its natural aroma.


Enjoy this desi ghee which has a rich aroma, golden granular texture, and consistent quality. Our Premium Pure Cow Ghee not only complements your cooking but also adds a tempting aroma to your dishes. 

Fermented butter is first churned from yoghurt or curd prepared out of milk from the organic grass-fed desi cows.

The ghee is then prepared by simmering this fermented butter, which removes all the water content, leaving just the nutritious richness. The cows are not fed with any artificial supplements in their diet. 


·       It has anti-bacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.

·       Ghee aids digestion. It is high in butyric acid and builds gut health. Cultured ghee contributes to the Gut microbiome.

·       Vitamins A, E, K prevalent in ghee are vital for brain, skeletal and physical health.

·       Ghee is excellent for skin, hair and eye health too.


Sourced Directly from farmers

Better immunity

Good For Heart

Recovery from ailments 

Comfort from Migraine

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