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Immuno U Capsules

 Unlock the Power of Immunity and Wellness with Organic Wellness Immuno-U

Organic Wellness proudly introduces Immuno-U, a powerful blend of organic Katuki, Tulsi, and Amalaki. This unique formulation combines the natural benefits of these ingredients, providing a holistic approach to strengthen immunity, reduce stress, protect the liver, and purify blood.


Experience the Benefits of Immuno-U :

  1. Immunity Strengthening :

Katuki Power : Organic Katuki is a potent antiviral and hepatoprotective herb. It bolsters your immune system, making your body more resilient against various infections and diseases.

Tulsi Support : Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is celebrated for its immune-boosting properties. It complements Katuki’s effects, creating a robust defense against illnesses.

  1. Stress Reduction :

Natural Calm : Immuno-U not only strengthens immunity but also reduces stress. A calmer mind is essential for overall well-being.

  1. Liver Protection and Blood Purification :

Liver Shield : Katuki and Amalaki work together to protect the liver from damage and support its optimal functioning.

Blood Purity : Immuno-U aids in blood purification, ensuring a cleaner circulatory system and better overall health.


Pure Ingredients, Exceptional Benefits :

Each vegetarian capsule of Immuno-U is carefully crafted, containing certified organic Katuki rhizome, Amalaki fruit, and Vana Tulsi leaves. No artificial additives, only the pure essence of nature’s wellness.


How to Use :

Dosage : 1-2 capsules with food and water twice a day for at least 3 months or as directed by your healthcare provider. Safe for long-term use.



MRP Rs. 399
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