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KSKT Ginger Powder


The old wives’ tale may be true: Ginger helps if you’re trying to ease a queasy stomach.


Ginger powder or Shunthi Churna is a warm spice with a pungent taste obtained from dried ginger roots. It has a unique flavour combination of citrus and peppery notes that is refreshing and pungent, enhancing both sweet and savoury flavours in any recipe.


Dry Ginger Powder is widely used for its flavour and aroma. It is slightly brownish or off-white in colour and has a long shelf life. 




It may work by breaking up and getting rid of built-up gas in your intestines. It might also help settle seasickness or nausea caused by chemotherapy.


It has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve digestion. It is an exceptional natural medicine used for treating common cold. It has anti-bacterial properties too that help prevent any infections in the body.

MRP Rs. 90
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