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Flavoured Cashew Cheeky Cheese

Introducing "Cheeky Cheese" flavored cashews, a playful twist on a classic favorite that will satisfy your cravings with a delightful combination of creamy cheese and crunchy cashews. Get ready for a flavor adventure that is both savory and satisfying.


Each cashew is coated with a tantalizing blend of savory cheese, ensuring that every bite is a burst of cheesy delight.


Picture yourself biting into a cashew enveloped in a velvety cheese coating. The smooth and creamy cheese wraps around the crunchy cashew, creating a mouthwatering texture that keeps you coming back for more.


Our "Cheeky Cheese" flavored cashews are crafted with care, using the finest quality cashews and a blend of savory cheeses that deliver a well-rounded flavor profile. 

MRP Rs. 249
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