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KSKT Arhar Dal (Toor)


Toor dal is the primary source of protein for vegetarians that comes with a dense nutrient profile and a bowl of dal chawal is the best comforting food for the mind and body.


No amount of burgers, pizzas and other fancy foods can never replace the all-time favourite dal chawal or dal roti – prepared by our mothers. The truth is our desire for home cooked foods can never fade away.


It is Naturally grown and unpolished and sourced from selected farms. They are high in protein and dietary fibre. Toor dal has a slightly sweet, nutty flavour. It is easy to cook and helps in easy digestion.


It does not contain any added preservatives or colours. It is 100 % grown without synthetic pesticides and grown without synthetic GMOs.


·       A high protein diet like this, is known to promote weight loss by keeping you satiated for long hours and curb the unwanted cravings.

·       It is easy to cook and helps in easy digestion.

·       The anti-inflammatory activity of Toor dal helps to reduce inflammation in the wounded tissue and activates tissue formation.


How To Cook :


·       Wash and soak Toor dal overnight in warm water.

·       Add soaked dal in the pressure cooker with enough water, add turmeric powder and salt. Pressure cook until soft

·       Give a tadka with Our Desi A2 ghee, jeera, and curry leaves.

·       Serve with hot rice or roti

MRP Rs. 160
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