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KSKT Amla Sweet Candy

The benefit of amla candy over other ways to include amla in diet as that the candy can be carried to work or even when you're travelling. It has a sweet taste and can be the immunity-boosting shot you can chew on, daily!


If the bitter taste of amla was keeping you from including it in your diet, then you must try this amla candy, which is a perfect blend of sweet flavour.


Amla candy is made of amlas that are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. It is a natural and healthy sweetener. Those who have a sweet tooth but worry about their health can enjoy amla candies guilt-free.


·       Having amla candy everyday can help boost immunity. It helps keep any common health issues like cold and cough at bay. 

·       While Amla has chromium which helps in helps in reducing the risk of health problems and helps balance the cholesterol level of the body. 

·       These Amla is called heart-healthy because it promotes the functioning of the heart and liver. It increases your hemoglobin level and accelerates the blood purification process

·       It is also great for the health of skin and hair. Amla boosts hair production and improves collagen production in the skin.






Kisan Se Kitchen Tak (KSKT) is a technology and supply chain initiative with a vision to create an ecosystem that provides customer with Naturally grown & Chemical free food products at a fair price while simultaneously ensuring that farmers are rewarded for all their hardwork with better prices. 

MRP Rs. 170
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