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KSKT Amchur Whole / Sabut


Slices of dried mango that resemble bark. These are used to add a sweet and sour citrus-like flavour to dishes.


Amchur is a fruity spice made from dried unripe green mangoes and used as a citrusy seasoning. It is mainly produced in India and is used to flavour dishes and add the nutritional benefits of mangoes when the fresh fruit is not in season.


Amchur has the tart flavour of citrus and all the flavour of its peel. Amchur is best added at the end of cooking to preserve flavour, but should be stirred well into the dish it is coating.




It will help fight acidity and improve digestion. It combats constipation, flatulence and ensures good bowel movement. Amchur have phenols and other phenolic compounds that are powerful antioxidants.

MRP Rs. 90
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