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Tomato Desi (Certified Organic)

 Tomato Desi, a distinctive and flavorful variety that captures the essence of traditional and authentic tomato taste. Also known as indigenous or local tomatoes, Tomato Desi is cherished for its unique flavor, vibrant color, and versatility in culinary applications. Let the rich, robust taste of Tomato Desi bring a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to your kitchen.


Tomato Desi is renowned for its rich, robust, and tangy flavor that harks back to the traditional taste of tomatoes. The depth of flavor adds authenticity to your dishes, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a true tomato essence.


We take pride in sourcing our Tomato Desi directly from local farms, ensuring farm-to-table freshness. This not only supports local agriculture but also guarantees that you receive tomatoes picked at their peak ripeness.


Perfect for:

·       Homestyle Curries: Add depth to your curries with the rich taste of Tomato Desi.

·       Chutneys and Relishes: Create flavorful accompaniments for snacks and meals.

·       Sauces and Stews: Enhance the richness of your sauces and stews with the authentic tomato flavor.

·       Classic Tomato Salad: Showcase the vibrant color and taste in a simple tomato salad.


MRP Rs. 60
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