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A2 Whole Milk (Order by 8 Pm)


Farm fresh, and produced by grass-fed Sahiwal Cows, A2 milk ensures to fulfill your health needs at all costs. Rich in nutrients, each drop of the milk reflects salubrity. This milk is ideal for the lactose intolerant and infants; and is a perfect choice for a hale and hearty way of life.

Please note: 
Milk will be delivered separately between 8-11AM :) We do not deliver to Ghaziabad pin codes!


·        No Adulteration

·        Lab Certified A2 Sahiwal Cows

·        High Nutrition Value (Enriched in Vitamin A, B1, B2 & D)

·        Enriched in Calcium (15% more than regular milk) & Magnesium

·        Easy to digest; best for people with lactose intolerance

·        Untouched by human hands

·        1 glass of A2 milk = 1/3 cup almonds


Best before: 48 hours from the date of manufacturing. Milk should be kept below 4 degree Celsius under refrigeration.

Note: Bottle Needs to Returned Next Day

MRP Rs. 170
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