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Bundelkhand Wheat Atta

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Variety is the spice of life, so why eat one grain at a time? Organic Wellness Multigrain recipe has Kathiya Whole Wheat 50%, Kala Chana -20%, Jau -10%, Jowar 10%, Quinoa – 9% and Methi -1%. Our trained nutritionists & chefs have scientifically blended the grains to give everyday alternative to regular atta. Try it !!

Knead 2 cups of Organic Wellness Multigrain Atta with slow addition of water. Add Rock Salt if you like as per your taste . Make a soft pliable dough, cover, and keep aside for 10-15 mins. Pl note this attta is little darker as it is high in fiber and nutritious too. And get’s darker on storage like it happens in cut apple due to high nutrititon . We recommend to avoid storing kneaded atta in refrigerator as it loses nutrition as turns darker too Make balls of equal size. Roll each one out into a medium size circle. Roast on a hot tawa till brown spots appear on both sides. Serve hot. Pl see the video link for complete process . Perfect addition to your families healthier lunch and dinner !!


BENEFITS : High Fiber High Protein Good for Weight Loss Nutritious Use Organic Wellness Bilona Ghee for Great Taste INGREDIENTS: Bundelkhand Whole Wheat Atta 50%, Kala Chala Atta 20%, Jau Atta 10%, Jowar Atta 10%, Quinoa Atta 9%, Methi 1%

Storage & Shelf Life Best before 3 months from date of manufacturing, fresher the better! Store in cool and dry place !!

About this item


Goodness of 6 grains mixed in Right proportion

Whole Wheat – 50%, Kala Chana – 20%, Jau -10%, Jowar -10%, Quinoa – 9% and Methi -1%

Made with 100% natural ingredients

Freshly packed and delivered

Amazing taste and great for good Health


Organic Multigrain Wheat Flour. Kathiya Wheat. jau atta, jowar atta, quinoa atta, methi


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