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KSKT Roasted Quinoa Puff


Crispy, crunchy & nutritious made from Naturally Grown Quinoa.


Our Roasted Quinoa Puff is made from Roasting the Quinoa in Roasting Machine at a set temperature, by mixed with some seasoning to give it additional taste. Roasting brings out their soft, sweet flavor and adds a little extra crunch in the process.


Our  Puffed Quinoa Specifically looks like Shrink – Rayed Kix Cereal, round and light as air, with a toasted, crunchy, crispy, and nutty flavour


This is a power-packed 100 % roasted snack which is vegan and gluten-free.


·       High in fibre and with more protein of rice or barley, it is beneficial for those looking to manage their weight.

·       The lightness of the puffed quinoa makes it easier to digest again, especially for those with a sluggish digestive system.

·       This light and crispy puffed organic quinoa is the perfect gluten-free addition to your cereal and muesli mixes.





·       Simply sprinkle it up on the salad and savour it at any point in time.

·       Add to your Burger Patties

·       Add it to your Soup Or Sprinkle directly them on Soups etc.

MRP Rs. 120
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