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KSKT Red Chilli / Lal Mirch


If you are a fan of spicy food, you will always turn to Indian cuisines. But do you know what makes those cuisines so spicy? The answer is red chillies! Hot and spicy red chilli is the most widely used spice and condiment in India. Red chilli is highly valued for its pungency and added flavours to various dishes throughout the world.


It is also frequently used as a garnish and is a component of many spice mixtures, sauces, and condiments. The key bioactive ingredient that increases the flavour and health benefits of red chillies is capsaicin, which is abundant in red chillies. 

·       The magic ingredient in red chilli, capsaicin, lowers blood triglycerides, bad cholesterol, and platelet aggregation. It also hinders the development of blood clots. As a result, it greatly aids in maintaining the health of our hearts.

·        Iron content in red chilli is high. High iron levels lead to an increase in haemoglobin (Hb) synthesis, which enhances blood flow to the brain. A sufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the brain can improve cognitive abilities. 

·       Red chilli is rich in vitamin C, which helps to retain and generate collagen, a protein essential for repairing hair and skin, as well as to boost immunity.

·       Red chilli's antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics help to clear nasal mucus and relieve congestion. Additionally, it helps prevent sinus infections and fights them off.





Kisan Se Kitchen Tak (KSKT) is a technology and supply chain initiative with a vision to create an ecosystem that provides customer with Naturally grown & Chemical free food products at a fair price while simultaneously ensuring that farmers are rewarded for all their hardwork with better prices. 

MRP Rs. 140
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