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Organic Diabetes Control Kit


Organic Wellness Diabetic Care: Nurturing Health Naturally, Empowering Diabetics with Holistic Support and Superfood Solutions.

Organic Wellness Diabetic Care is a complete support pack for diabetic problems, as comprises supplements, infusion and super foods. Supplements like Diabo Fit control diabetics naturally and removes fats deposits from the liver and controls blood pressure and Moringa supplies essential nutrients and boosts energy. Were as super food like Quinoa and Detox are good source of energy, gluten free, and manage weight. Cinnamon Cleanse, cleanses the stomach, flush out toxins and dissolves fat layers.

  • Supports healthy insulin response, Helps to normalize energy levels
  • Removes fat deposits from the liver and controls high blood pressure
  • Supplies or boost energy levels and helps in weight loss
  • Cleanses the stomach, flush out toxins and dissolves fat layers
  • Diabo Fit improves the utilization of glucose in the blood and can be used together with conventional anti-biotic medicines



This kit has:

  • OW Liv Fit (90 capsules) 1 pack
  • OW Diabo Fit (90 capsules) 1 pack
  • OW Apple Cider Vinegar (500 ml) 1 pack
  • OW Moringa (90 capsules) 1 pack
  • OW Detox (90 capsules) 1 pack
  • OW Turmeric C+ (90 capsules) 1 pack


  • OW Liv-Fit (90 capsules) : has Organic Bhumyamalaki that is a powerful hepato protactive herb. In combination with Organic Punarnava and Katuki, it helps  • Detoxify the liver, • Combat liver disorder like hepatitis & jaundice
  • OW Diabo-Fit (90 capsules) : has Bimbi, Sadabahar & Bougainvillea that helps in diabetes naturally and in combination with Katuki, it Helps to remove fat deposits from the liver controlling high blood pressure.
  • OW Apple Cider Vinegar (500 ml) : is with mother and developed from finest apples through sustainable farming techniques, with added benefits of other two organic ingredients, Organic Cinnamon and Fenugreek.
  • OW Moringa (90 capsules) : has organic Moringa that is an excellent source of nutrition and a natural energy booster. It has:

•  7 times more Vitamin C than oranges

•  4 times the Calcium of milk

•  4 times the Vitamin A of carrots 2 times the Protein of yogurt 3 times the Potassium of bananas.

  • OW Detox (90 capsules) : has organic Fenugreek that cleanses the blood and helps release toxins through the skin. Together with organic Carom seeds and Black Cumin Seeds, it helps: Cleanse the stomach, Flush toxin from the urinary bladder, Dissolve fat layers for weight managment.
  • OW Turmeric C+ (90 capsules) : is beneficial for conditions involving pain and inflammation, such as osteoarthritis.


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