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KSKT Masoor Malka Dal Split


Malka masoor dal or Red split lentils have a pretty reddish-orange color in its dried form, but they turn yellow when cooked. 


Naturally Grown, unpolished & tasty masoor dal grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides


Our pulses are eco-friendly that has been collected using natural methods. This includes natural irrigation, compost, fertilisers and other methods. It is hand-milled to preserve the flavour and nutrients of the meal.


·       It scores low in glycemic index and thus, it effectively slows down the rate of digestion and prevents sudden or unexpected raises in the blood sugar level.

·       It has the perfect amount of carbohydrates to lend a sense of fulfilment, yet being low on the fat content. 

·       It is a powerhouse of antioxidants which may effectively reduce the cell damage.

·       It is a rich source of vitamins and other nutrients like calcium and magnesium, which are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. 

MRP Rs. 115
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