Gobhi Gajjar Shalgum Pickle


The little farm co homemade Gajar Gobhi Shalgum Pickle (गाजर गोभी शलगम का अचार गुड़ में बना हुआ):

"Gobhi Gajar Shalgum pickle" refers to a pickle made from a combination of cauliflower, carrots and turnip. The pickle is crunchy and flavorful, with the sweetness of the carrots and tanginess of the turnip.

It's a great option for those who like the khatta-meetha taste. This mix veg pickle is a great way to enjoy a variety of different flavors and textures in one pickle.

Best Before: 12 months

Specialty: No preservatives, Sundried, Handcrafted, Traditional taste, Farm fresh, No added colors

Benefits of Gajar Gobhi Shalgum Pickle: Keeps your gut health in check since it is probiotic, Boots eye health, Source of nutrients

Oil Used: Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

MRP Rs. 400
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