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Pink Coconut Laddoo: Reduced Milk Solids (KHOYA), Stevia and Polyols, Coconut Powder, MILK, Pistachios (PISTA), Cashew Nuts (KAJU), and Almonds (BADAM).

Milkcake: Clarified Butter (GHEE), Sugar, Pistachios (PISTA), and Cardamom Powder. Garnished with: Saffron (KESAR) and Pistachios (PISTA) Flake.

Mewa Vatti: Reduced Milk Solids (KHOYA), Sugar, Angoori Peetha (Dried Fruit), Pistachios (PISTA) and Cashew Nuts (KAJU).

Kaju Pista Roll: Cashew Nuts (KAJU), Pistachios (PISTA), Saffron (KESAR), Sugar, Clarified Butter (GHEE). Garnished with: Edible Silver Leaf (Silver Varq) and Saffron (KESAR).

Chocolate Barfi: Reduced Milk Solids (KHOYA), Clarified Butter (GHEE), Sugar, COUVERTURE CHOCOLATE.

Kesar Peda: Reduced Milk Solids (KHOYA), Clarified Butter (GHEE), Sugar, Pistachios (PISTA), Almonds (BADAM), Saffron (KESAR) and Cardamom Powder. Garnished with: Pistachios (PISTA) Flakes and Saffron (KESAR) Strands.

 Khoya Malai Ladoo: Clarified Butter (GHEE), Reduced Milk Solids (KHOYA), Sugar, Roasted Almonds (ROASTED BADAM), Roasted Pistachio (ROASTED PISTA), Cardamom Powder. It is garnished with Saffron (KESAR) and Roasted Pistachio (ROASTED PISTA).

Mysore Pak: Ghee, Khoya, Sugar, Cardamom Powder, Besan, Maida and Pistachios (PISTA). It is garnished with a Pistachio (PISTA) Flake.


*** Warning: Allergens highlighted in CAPITALS. May contain traces of other TREE NUTS. Manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat, nuts and dairy products. ***

MRP Rs. 1,890
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