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Mustard Oil, Sunflower oil & A2 premium Ghee



1 x Premium A2 Cow Ghee 500 ml

1 x Cold Pressed Mustard Oil 1L

1 x Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil 1L

A2 Desi Cow Ghee is made from the rich and nutritious milk of desi cows.  Bilona Ghee is made from whole curds rather than malai or cream. The unique nutrient profile of A2 milk with the traditional Bilona method is responsible for the unmistakably delicious desi cow ghee.


We follows the natural method of oil extraction without any application of heat or chemicals due to which our cold pressed Oil retains the natural aroma and all the vital nutrients of sunflower seeds

MRP Rs. 2,140 MRP Rs. 2,380you save MRP Rs. 240
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