Kisaan Se Kitchen Tak

KSKT Honey (Wild Forest)

This wild forest honey has a sweeter fragrance and taste in comparison to the usual honey. It is collected by tribal honey hunters from the deep forests of India. The honey is made by the wild bees from the nectar of medicinal flowers.


This natural & unprocessed honey, far away from civilization, is free of adulteration & pollution. Use this as a dip for cookies, biscuits or sweet crisps. It can also be drizzled on fruits🤤


·       Wild forest honey is a good healing medication because of its outstanding antibacterial qualities. It can quickly aid in the healing of abrasions, bedsores, ulcers, and other wounds.

·       There are a variety of nutrients like sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, proteins, and iron in organic wild forest honey. Many athletes consume honey as a high source of carbs for the immediate surge of energy. 

·       Wild forest honey is an excellent sugar replacement, particularly if you attempt to maintain your weight.

·       The direct use of raw wild forest honey on the face reduces pimples, black patches, and dead skin cells due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal effects.




Kisan Se Kitchen Tak (KSKT) is a technology and supply chain initiative with a vision to create an ecosystem that provides customer with Naturally grown & Chemical free food products at a fair price while simultaneously ensuring that farmers are rewarded for all their hardwork with better prices. 



Keep in a cool dry place away from the sunlight

MRP Rs. 260
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