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KSKT Bay Leaf / Tez Patta


Bay leaf is an aromatic herb obtained from the small evergreen tree known as the bay laurel tree native to the Mediterranean .


The leaf is about two or three inches long ,almond shaped and green in colour . Bay leaf has a spicy , woodsy , floral , sweet ,  and savoury and slightly bitter undertones . Bay leaves do not add an overwhelming and distinct flavours to any dish, but act as a "supporting actor" that helps bring out other flavours and spices in dishes.


Well known for its flavour and fragrance in many Indian dishes such as biryani and curries, bay leaf is a nutrient-dense herb that also finds its use in the medicinal world.




Regular consumption of bay leaf provides various health benefits, including management of diabetes and protection against oxidative stress. Bay leaf tea is gaining popularity to treat stomach aches, colds, and migraines, while oil is in aromatherapy for respiratory conditions. 

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