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A2 Skimmed Milk 1L/Alternate day (Order by 8 Pm)


For those who want to stay in shape, but also want the wholesome goodness of milk, A2 skimmed milk has come to your rescue! Exhibiting high nutritional value and zero fat, this skimmed milk is your ideal partner, strengthening your metabolism while you shed those extra pounds.



You can either choose to opt for an everyday subscription or an alternate day subscription. The milk will be delivered accordingly, between 8-11AM. This subscription consists of 1 bottle of 1 litre whole milk! :)

Being a sustainable company, we would greatly appreciate it if you could return the bottles as well after receiving them :)

The charges are incurred on a weekly basis! :)

Everyday Subscription: 
7 bottles per week

Alternate day Subscription:
 3 bottles per week

For an alternate day subscription, the delivery days are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Best before:

48 hours from the date of manufacturing. Milk should be kept below 4 degree Celsius under refrigeration.

NOTE : Non-Refundable

Note: Bottles needs to be returned next day

MRP Rs. 1,650
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