Live Radish Pink Microgreens


Radish Microgreens taste like a peppery radish bulb. You might think that a radish microgreen looks leafy and would taste similar those green leaves that come attached to full grown radish bulbs, but the radish microgreen tastes more like the bulb than those hairy and tough radish greens.

These microgreens are 'living', that means they are still growing. 


How to use them? 
- Top you toasts.
- Use as filling inside dosas, paranthas, rolls and sandwiches.
- Add them to smoothies, shakes and juices.
- Garnish in dal, soup, rasam and pizza.


- Consume within a week.
- Sprinkle fresh water twice a day.
- Store in refrigerator.


Large Box : 60-80 gm

Small Box : 30-50 gm

MRP Rs. 270
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