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Green Jalapeños


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Introducing our Green Jalapeños, a zesty and versatile pepper variety that adds a bold kick to your culinary creations. These vibrant green peppers are prized for their moderate heat and distinctive flavor, making them a favorite ingredient in a wide range of dishes. Let the spicy and flavorful essence of Green Jalapeños elevate your taste buds to new heights


Our Green Jalapeños boast a vibrant and eye-catching green color, indicating freshness and ripeness. The lively hue adds a burst of color to your dishes, making them visually appealing and inviting.


Jalapeños, like other peppers, contain vitamins A and C, as well as capsaicin, known for its potential health benefits. Incorporating Green Jalapeños into your meals adds both flavor and nutritional value.


Perfect for:

·       Spicy Salsas: Create vibrant and spicy salsas to accompany your favorite dishes.

·       Tacos and Nachos: Add a kick to your tacos, nachos, and Mexican-inspired dishes.

·       Pickled Jalapeños: Elevate your sandwiches, burgers, and snacks with tangy pickled Jalapeños.

·       Spicy Guacamole: Enhance the flavor of your guacamole with the heat of Green Jalapeños.


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Green Jalapeños

Green Jalapeños

MRP Rs. 150