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Ammiji’s Assorted Ladoos (500gm)

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The season turns. The air suddenly smells of joy; of ghee and silk and gainda phool. Festivals, celebrations, smoke and incense. And ladoos, piled high on a silver thaal, beckoning you to take one.

The season of joy is the season of ladoos. And not just ordinary ladoos, but Ammiji’s homemade ladoos, with the goodness of unprocessed, natural sweeteners and pure fragrant desi ghee. Ammiji’s ladoos are a throwback to a time when living was slow and pleasures small. They’re evocative of the perfume of autumn and of the nostalgia of your childhood.

Ammiji’s homemade ladoos are made with premium ingredients. We use pure desi ghee and organic raw sugar or jaggery. Each addition is selected carefully, aimed to contribute to taste as well as nutrition. There’s a reason our grandmothers made ladoos at home – and Ammiji’s ladoos are proof of that.

The besan ladoos and the ragi til ladoos are both gluten free. The ragi til ladoos contain organic jaggery as a sweetener while the other three use organic raw sugar or desi khand. You can find out more about the ladoos here:

Ammiji’s Besan Ladoos

Ammiji’s Panjeeri Ladoos

Ammiji’s Atta Til Ladoos

Ammiji’s Ragi Til Ladoos

These 4 varieties come packaged in an attractive gift box that will grace any occasion at your home. Give the gift of good health this season – gift Ammiji’s ladoos to your loved ones. Because nothing shows you care as much as these.


Besan Ladoo: Gram Flour, Desi Ghee, Raw Sugar, Almonds

Panjeeri Ladoo: Wholewheat Flour, Desi Ghee, Raw Sugar, Almonds, Edible Gum, Flame of the Forest, Chironji

Atta Til Ladoo: Wholewheat Flour, White Sesame, Desi Ghee, Raw Sugar, Edible Gum, Flame of the Forest

Ragi Ladoo: Ragi Flour, White Sesame, Desi Ghee, Jaggery, Almonds, Edible Gum, Flame of the Forest 

Good For: 1 month

Net Weight: 500 gms

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Ammiji’s Assorted Ladoos (500gm)

Ammiji’s Assorted Ladoos (500gm)

MRP Rs. 900MRP Rs. 790
1 Box