Curry Pastes, Dips & Sauces

We have curated a selection of Curry Pastes, Dips & Sauces etc. for you from local artisanal brands. All products are free of chemicals and preservatives. Natural ingredients only. In addition by eliminating the middlemen and sourcing directly from farmers and producers, we maintain the lowest prices possible in NCR. We highly recommend you try our selection of Pestos!

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Wholegrain Mustard

170 gms

Rs. 299.00

Arabiatta Pasta Sauce

390 gm

Rs. 249.00

Basil Pasta Sauce

390 gm

Rs. 249.00

Basil Pesto (Vegan)

190 gms

Rs. 375.00

Klassic Ketchup

225 gms

Rs. 149.00

Jalapeno Ketchup

225 gms

Rs. 175.00