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Mr. Dairy

Think you are lactose intolerant? You could be one out of five people who think that. The milk you drink has both A1 and A2 protein produced by cows nowadays. Traditionally, cows produced only A2 protein but over time most cows started producing A1 protein that causes stomach ache, bloating, diarrhea and skin breakouts. Lucky for us, there are still cows that only produce A2 protein and these are the cows that we breed. Our cows produce 100% A2 milk and is 100% natural. Mr. Dairy A2 milk is better than regular milk as it gives you digestive comfort, its high in protein, calcium, omega 2, builds immunity and metabolism. Say bye to all the barriers that stopped you from drinking milk. So try a swig of Mr. Dairy A2 milk and feel the difference.

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A2 Skimmed Milk

1 litre

Rs. 100.00

A2 Whole Milk

1 litre

Rs. 160.00

A2 Ghee

1 litre

Rs. 2,500.00