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Fresh exotic Greens, Mushrooms and Veggies delivered every week
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1️⃣  Decide the quantity you want every week  🛍
➤ Choose from a basket of 4, 6 or 8 products
➤ What's included: 🥬  Lettuces, basil, rocket, swiss chard, pok choi, regular microgreens, 🍄  Mushrooms, 🍅  tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, baby corn, bell peppers
➤ What's NOT included: Fruits, berries, avocadoes, packaged foods, seasonal exotics
➤ Little Secret: Our subscribers also get tasters of new products pre-launch sometimes!

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➤ We will TRY to deliver your top choices. if out of stock, we replace them with the most delicious option available
➤  All add-on products will be available at a discount for subscribers

4️⃣  Payment 💳
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HealthiEST produce you can possibly eat ☘️  ♻️  💚


  • Hydroponically Grown– without soil, in nutrient rich RO purified water

  • Absolutely NO chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides

  • Premium USDA approved Non-GMO seeds

  • Local state-of-the-art urban farms across NCR

  • Up to 40x more nutrition than regular vegetables

  • 100% bio-degradable packaging #saynotoplastic

  • Sustainable farming using 95% less water

  • #BetterThanOrganic

100% Pesticides and Chemicals Free, Always

We are on a mission to bridge the nutrition gap in India – from children to adults


Upto 40 times higher nutrients than regular vegetables


Soilless farming done strictly with Zero pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals


T90% less water wasted and fully bio-degradable packaging