Royal Lychee Honey

275 grams


275 grams<br>

This honey is acquired from bees feeding on the flowers of the famed Shahi (Royal) Lychee tree which blooms only once a year in North Bihar.

India's first "Runny Honey" is acquired from a place with a warm and humid climate, thereby ensuring that it is light and thin in texture.100% raw, natural and unpasteurised. We do not homogenise flavours or add any flavouring. No added water, sugar, preservatives or additives. Pale and translucent in colour, it has a distinctive fragrance and a sweet mellow taste. Add it to your toast, cereals, lemonade and mock tails, use it for baking or making dips and sauces. This honey tastes amazing even if it's eaten raw, a healthy substitute for sugar.

Shelf life: 18 months, do not refrigerate.