Red Dragon Fruit Fettuccine Pasta DIY Recipe Box

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Inspired by the changing season and with it the many colours around us, Donna Pastaia have made a limited edition batch of a gorgeous blush pink fettuccine with Kaze Living's Red Dragon Fruits! Using ripe dragon fruits to flavour and colour the dough, this pasta reminds of all things tropical and fun. A perfect pasta to be enjoyed with beautiful fresh ingredients, for a plate of all things colourful. This quick DIY recipe box, with 15-20 minute recipes is sure to blow you away! Create a beautiful & aromatic fettuccine dish, with the freshest ingredients from Kaze Living!

Contents of the DIY box:
1 Dragonfruit Fettuccine Pasta, 200 grams Spinach, 250 gms Ricotta, 1 Basil Box, 1 pc Hass Avocado, 2 Recipe Cards (vegan lemon avocado fettuccine & lemon ricotta fettuccine)

In some cases, you may be getting extra produce, please refer to recipe cards within your box for the exact proportions when preparing the meals. The DIY box can be used to create 2 meals (that serve 2 each)

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