Tencha Iced Matcha Cold Blend (pack of 10)

Net weight 60 gms (pack of 10)

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Net weight 60 gms (pack of 10)

Health in a blend and zest in a sip. This green elixir is a premix of Matcha and vitamins, formulated to help you orchestrate your demanding lifestyle. A Japanese tradition re-packaged into a fun refreshing beverage, Iced Matcha Cold Blend is a natural source of sustained energy, without any crashes or jitters. A perfect combination- smoothness of Matcha and tanginess, it’s packed with a punch of antioxidants. Hints of vegetal notes and savoury zest carry you from an anxiety free liquid meditation experience to a perfect pre-workout boost. Iced Matcha Cold Blend is here for it all

Best Before:
18 months

How to store:
Normal storage, room temperature
Producer: Tencha