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Our Company

We’re empowering teams to do great things together.

What is Kaze Living?
Kaze Living is an NCR-based Farm-to-Fork venture that brings clean, pesticide-free, locally produced food to consumers’ doorsteps.

  • We strive to preserve the environment – our produce has the lowest carbon footprint and we are 100% plastic-free.
  • We are leveraging modern farming technologies and a connected supply chain to enable a pesticide-free healthy lifestyle.
  • We continue to grow a loyal community of health-focused urban consumers, local artisanal producers, and chefs and cooking enthusiasts.
  • Our subscribers stay with us because they trust the high-quality and safety standards of the curated selection of food products on our platform.
Soilless Farming – What’s this all about?
Soilless farming is the backbone of Kaze Living.

We leverage soilless farming technology to flourish crops in sustainable urban farms using NO GMO seeds, only 1% of the water, 10% of the land, and 0% of the pesticides, chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.

Future Plans:
We are building a data and expertise sharing platform in India for all soilless farms. Leveraging sensors, IoT and machine learning we will improve yields by 40% while minimizing their water and energy footprint.
The Problem
Excessive Pesticides and Food Wastage is almost unavoidable in India.
  • Inefficient logistics infrastructure leading to >50% wastage of fresh greens.
  • As consumers, we’re rarely aware of what goes into our food and how it has been produced.
  • In particular, leafy greens, veggies and berries are often wilted, rotten, expensive or simply unavailable

Our Story
Growing up in a family business in indoor horticulture and contract organic farming, we understood the excessive pesticides and chemicals we all consume on a daily basis and the toll it takes on our bodies.

We wanted to provide a safe and reliable supply of healthy salad greens, tasty tomatoes and fresh berries. And thus, in late 2019, we started Kaze Living.
The Team
Anisha Goel, Founder

Graduated from ESCP Europe, Paris in 2015 and worked as a strategy and M&A consultant for 3 years. Post that I moved to Drivezy as the Head of Strategy and Growth before starting Kaze Living

Shruti Jain, Co-Founder

Graduated from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies and has worked on various ventures in the past including the Roxy Trading Company. She is also an Oxford MBA candidate for 2020 which she has deferred to work on Kaze Living

Abhishek Dalal, Co-Founder

A successful entrepreneur who sold his last company Lalbhai Composite Solutions to Arvind Limted. He managed a PnL worth $50Mn+ and successfully built global partnerships. He graduated with a Masters in Engineering from Imperial College, London.

Nunzio Martinello, Advisor

He is also the founder and director of Noonic SRL – An Italian Digital Marketing agency that is also an investor in Kaze Living. Nunzio has also co-founded EVO Elements, a molecular gastronomy startup and Zanze XVI, a fine dining restaurant in Venice

Dr. Praveen Singh – Advisor

He is our chief Scientist and a renowned Agronomist with 18+ years of experience in Soilless farming and controlled agriculture research