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Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil


Ideal for drizzling over salads, pastas and dips!

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A delectable range of ready-to-eat healthy snacks

Keep Out Of Kitchen


Comfort food loaded with flavour

Bun Maska

Lip smacking gourmet butters & hot sauces

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Fine Flavor Chocolates

Paul and Mike

No cocoa powder or solids. Nothing artificial; only real fruits, nuts, spices and real floral distillates

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Enjoy guilt free snacking with delicious healthy snacks

Eat Better

Vegan & Gluten - Free. 100% Natural and Handmade. No artificial flavours or preservatives.

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Imported Hass Avocado

1 piece (Fresh semi-ripe avocado)

Rs. 399.00

Italian Basil

100 gms

Rs. 99.00

Soil-less Red Bell Pepper

500 gms

Rs. 189.00

A2 Whole Milk

1 litre

Rs. 160.00

Soil-less Snack Cucumbers

500 gms

Rs. 99.00

The Better Trail Mix (Value Pack)

250 gms

Rs. 520.00 Rs. 550.00

Beetroot Quinoa Bowl

250 gms (Frozen, Ready-to-cook)

Rs. 249.00 Rs. 249.00

Spinach Quinoa Kebab

Net wt.: 240 gmsNo. of pieces: 8(Frozen, Ready-to-cook)

Rs. 249.00 Rs. 249.00

Guava Ginger Ale

410 mL

Rs. 750.00

Superfood Mix Salad Box

~250 gms

Rs. 250.00

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Happy Customers

The best price for the best service

When it comes to mushrooms- you are beyond compare. I also like your nut butters.

John Connolly

Your greens are always amazingly fresh and picture perfect.

Mehak Jain

I love your produce. Just the fresh scent itself is exceptional.

Anirudh Madan

Your basil pesto sauce can give any Italian restaurant in Delhi a run for its money.

Swati Sharma

Thanks for such great service. The weekly box is a total treat. My kid uses your (biodegradable) boxes to build robots so that’s added bonus.

Nidhi Dutt

My daily salad problem is solved. Your greens are so crisp, fresh and safe (pesticide-free).

Varun Goel

I appreciate the usage and storage instructions you send along with every order. The cherry on the top is the neat, eco-friendly packaging.

Raghav Aggarwal

Amazing! You feel so healthy, super healthy eating the greens supplied by you. We’re absolutely loving it! The quality of the product, the freshnes and prompt delivery makes the overall experience wholesome.

Sukhmani Singh